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Project Description

Socket Preservation UR4, UR5 Case Study

Case Background

33 year old patient, male
Failed RCT’s UR4 and UR5, endodontist felt re-treatment would not be predictable, referred for implants.
Case performed by Dr Jonathan Cochrane, UK

  1. Flap raised on buccal aspect, defect clearly visible.
  2. UR4 and UR5 removed whole with forceps and luxating elevator. Sockets thoroughly degranulated.
  3. 1 x 0.5cc and 1 x 1.0cc of EthOss® placed into sockets. Dry gauze held over material for 3 minutes until it starts to harden.
  4. Sinoss collagen fleece sutured over each extraction socket with 3-0 vicryl absorbable sutures.
  5. Site uncovered 10 weeks later, adequate new bone formation to allow implant placement.
  6. 2 x Astra Tech EV implants placed with healing abutments.
  7. Flap closed over with Vicryl Rapide 4-0 sutures (resorbable).
  8. Healed site at 10 weeks.
  9. ISQ measured with PenguinRFA meter: UR4 implant = 81 and UR5 implant = 82. High stability showing good osseointegration.
  10. 4 weeks later – definitive implant crowns with patient-specific “Atlantis” abutments placed.
  11. Final result.


  1. Initial situation.
  2. Following extraction and simultaneous grafting with EthOss®
  3. 10 weeks later, osteotomy sites prepared to 6mm depth and check with depth gauge.
  4. Impants placed.
  5. Final result, implants loaded 14 weeks following placement.

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