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Project Description

Lower Molar Case

  1. Routine 3 weeks soft tissue healing but distal root retained as referring dentist did not remove
  2. Retained root prior to removal
  3. Showing osteotomy into the bi-furcation bone
  4. Implant placement into the osteotomy
  5. Cover screw fitted, defect visible
  6. Site cleaned and grafted with EthOss®
  7. Graft set and sutured closed, no collagen membrane
  8. At loading, 12 weeks later showing retention of dimensions
  9. Another flap was needed. As per usual, bone grown over the implant
  10. Use round bur to find implant
  11. Osstell reading taken, 78 ISQ
  12. Healing cap, 10 days healing
  13. Soft tissue healed
  14. Close up of soft tissue after 1 year

Case by Dr. Peter Fairbairn,
Scarsdale Dental Aesthetic & Implant Clinic

EthOss® Biopsy

Biopsy at 12 weeks – bone growth in and around EthOss®particle

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