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Project Description

Socket Graft Case Study

Case Background

50 year old female patient
Non-smoker, noncontributory medical history
Fractured upper right second molar

  1. Vertical fracture of the upper right second molar
  2. Fractured tooth extracted “atraumatically” under local anaesthesia
  3. Socket grafting with EthOss®
  4. Covered with hemostatic collagen sponge, no primary closure.
  5. 12 weeks post-op
  6. Re-entry at 12 weeks
  7. Bone biopsy and preparation for implant placement
  8. Implant placed
  9. Additional grafting with EthOss®
  10. Tension-free closure
  11. After 4 months
  12. Penguin ISQ measurement: 74
  13. After fitting final screw-retained restoration. Outcome 7 months after implant placement
  14. Bone biopsy sample
  15. Histomorphometric analysis from University of Freiburg
  16. Newly-formed vital bone: 48.12%, residual EthOss®particles: 8.11%
  17. EthOss® Particle (EO) closeup, with osteoblasts (OB), osteoid (O) formation and new bone trabeculare (NB)


  1. Inital pa x-ray
  2. After extraction and socket grafting
  3. 4 weeks post-op
  4. 12 weeks post-op
  5. After implant placement and additional grafting
  6. After 4 months, final restoration

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