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    Project Description

    Upper Pre-Molar Case

    1. 3 weeks post extraction. Soft tissue healing
    2. Site specific flap to show bone defect
    3. Occlusal view of defect
    4. Osteotomy showing angle change mesio-palatally
    5. Implant placed for optimal position for restoration
    6. Implant placed for optimal position for restoration
    7. Grafted with EthOss®
    8. After 5 days at suture removal, improved profile
    9. Initial radiograph
    10. Radiograph showing graft with EthOss®
    11. At 12 weeks, flap raised to remove excess new bone and Osstell reading
    12. Osstell reading at 12 weeks (77 ISQ)
    13. Loading with an E-max crown
    14. Radiograph at loading
    15. Loaded 1 year, good attached gingiva
    16. Close up of soft tissue aesthetics at 1 year
    17. Radiograph at 1 year loaded
    18. Loaded 2 years, showing retention of both hard and soft tissue, functional loading

    Case by Dr. Peter Fairbairn,
    Scarsdale Dental Aesthetic & Implant Clinic

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