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Project Description

Socket Graft Case With Biopsy

  1. Extraction site infected and lost buccal plate.
    N.B. It is preferrable to extract the tooth and
    leave the site for 3 weeks for soft tissue
    healing prior to grafting.
  2. Grafted with EthOss® note buccal tissue
    shortage. Covered with fleece, cross-sutured
    with Vicryl 4.0.
  3. 10 weeks later, restored hard and soft tissue,
    note no Bucco-lingual volume loss.
  4. Core sample taken for analysis.
  5. Implant placed 4.5 mm note good bone at 10
  6. Osstell type 47 placed.
  7. ISQ reading of 69 at 10 weeks, implant only
    in grafted site bone. ISQ reading of 77 at 3
    months, a sign of strong osseo-integration.
  8. Final result.


  1. Infected tooth.
  2. Extraction site showing bone loss.
  3. 10 weeks showing new bone level.
  4. Implant placed into the site.

EthOss® Biopsy

Photomicrograph of Biopsy at 10 weeks showing significant amount of new bone growth surrounding EthOss® particles.

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