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Project Description

Posterior Socket Graft Case Study

  1. 3 weeks post extraction flap raised to show granulation tissue
  2. Site cleaned with EthOss® degranulation bur
  3. Grafted with EthOss® to ridge level
  4. Healed site 5 days later – sutures removed
  5. 12 weeks later healed site
  6. Core Sample being taken and sent for histological analysis – see results below
  7. Trephine with core – see results below
  8. Implant placed, Osstell meter used to measure stability, reading at 62 ISQ
  9. Ready to load at 10 weeks, healthy attached gingiva
  10. Osstell reading taken, now 75 ISQ
  11. Healed peri-implant soft tissue
  12. Loaded case


  1. Radiograph of cleaned site
  2. Radiograph of grafted site
  3. Radiograph at 12 weeks
  4. Osteotomy in core site
  5. Radiograph of placed implant
  6. Radiograph of loaded case

Histology of core done by Hari Prasad, University of Minnesota.

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