Long Term Buccal Graft Case Study 2018-12-15T20:09:14+01:00

Project Description

Long Term Buccal Graft Case Study

  1. Tooth to be extracted with bone loss
  2. 4 weeks post extraction, loss of profile
  3. Pilot measurement
  4. Placement of implant, site specific flap
  5. Radiograph showing into 2mm host bone and EthOss®graft
  6. Sutured closed
  7. Ready to load at 12 weeks
  8. Flap raised at 12 weeks to show new host bone (very little remnant graft)
  9. Osstell reading 76 ISQ
  10. Re-cemented at 4 years loaded, showing retained profile
  11. Good longer term profile retention
  12. Radiograph at 4 years stable bone
  1. Case by Dr. Peter Fairbairn,
    Scarsdale Dental Aesthetic & Implant Clinic

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