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Project Description

Upper Pre-Molar Case Study

  1. Failing 24 & 25 with chronic apical granulomas
  2. Buccal profile view
  3. Pre-op radiograph
  4. Upon removal of teeth, buccal plate non existent at UL4. Type II (ITI) approach with re-entry after 4 weeks. Note the granulation tissue and lack of buccal plate. Granulation tissue removed down to sound bone
  5. Oblique profile
  6. Implants placed
  7. EthOss® placed and, in this case, over contoured both buccally and vertically
  8. Immediate post-op radiograph
  9. Site exposed at 12 weeks. New bone grown over the top of the cover screws where the EthOss® was over contoured
  10. Site after bone removal to reveal implant cover screws
  11. 4mm high healing abutments fitted. Image clearly shows a significant improvement in buccal bone width and profile
  12. Displaced tissue bucally to increase volume of keratinised tissue
  13. Significant changes to bone density evident post-operatively

Case by Dr. Monder Zbaeda,
BDS(Hons) PgCert MSc MFDS RCSEd DipImpDent RCSEd
Barrington Dental Care

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