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Project Description

Semi Impacted Third Molar Case Study

  1. Initial x-ray
  2. Clinical view at presentation
  3. A mucoperiosteal buccal flap was raised and bone was removed to expose the crown of the horizontally positioned third molar
  4. Sectioning of the crown
  5. Sectioning of the roots
  6. After removal of the roots the site was curetted with Lucas hand curettes, and EthOss® degranulation burs were used to remove any remnants of granulation tissue
  7. Periapical radiograph immediately after surgical extraction
  8. Grafting of the site with EthOss®
  9. EthOss® positioned within defect
  10. Periapical radiograph immediately after grafting
  11. Tension-free primary closure
  12. Periapical radiograph 2 weeks post-op. The rapid resorption of the calcium sulfate element of EthOss®increases the porosity of the graft, which accelerates and enhances the ingrowth of new blood vessels, rendering the material more radiopaque radiologically at this time point
  13. Clinical view 6 months post-op. The site is closed and completely covered by keratinized soft tissues
  14. Clinical examination revealing no residual periodontal defect distally to the second molar
  15. Periapical radiograph 6 months post-op showing the consolidation of the grafting material and complete restoration of the bone defect with high quality new bone
  1. Dr Minas Leventis, DipDS, MSc, PhD
    Scarsdale Dental Aesthetic & Implant Clinic, London

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