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Project Description

Periodonitis Case Study

Case Background

Female, 54 years old
Periodontitis in tooth 43 has caused bone loss
Loosening of teeth: 3mm
Pocket depth: 9mm

Case performed by Dr Manuel Bras Da Silva, Lünen, Germany

  1. Pre-op view
  2. Severe bony defect
  3. Grafted with EthOss®, allowed to set for 3 minutes
  4. Sutured closed after graft material has set
  5. X-ray showing defect, before grafting
  6. X-ray immediately after grafting with EthOss®
  7. X-ray after 1 year showing new host bone

Results after 12 months:

  • Loosening of the teeth: 0-1mm
  • Pocket depth: 4mm
  • No complications in healing
  • Patient reports no pain

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