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Project Description

Anterior Case Study

by Dr. Howard Koch

  1. Denture pre-surgery
  2. Post extraction site
  3. Flap opened
  4. Depth of socket measured
  5. Implant placed
  6. EthOss® graft placed at site
  7. Graft sutured over with good soft tissue closure
  8. Aesthetic result at review (16 weeks)
  9. Radiograph pre-surgery showing extreme bone loss
  10. Radiograph post graft and implant placement
  11. Radiograph showing implant with healing abutment and vertical bone growth (12 weeks)
  12. Radiograph with implant with abutment showing even more vertical bone growth (16 weeks)
  1. Case by Dr. Howard Koch.
    “I have been involved with implantology for over 9 years now. I have only placed one bovine graft, all the rest are 100% alloplastic! I am a general dentist with a special interest in implantology. I am also UK & European key opinion leader for
    BlueSky implants. I place implants and teach restoring for several dentists, and I mentor.”

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